Recruitment is a two-way street – businesses need to Tell Their Story!

Oct 16, 2020 | Recruitment Process

When looking to change jobs for whatever reason be it by choice or as a result of COVID or any other reason, securing a new position can be a challenging time. One piece of advice we offer is to create a story, a narrative that explains where the individual is right now and where they want to be which illustrates why they chose to apply for a particular position. In essence what is your motivation? why are you looking for another position and what are you looking for? Taking time to understand this will allow applicants to clearly communicate their motivations when they get the opportunity.

But there are two sides to the recruitment process, and it is easy to forget that the applicants are not the only ones having to present themselves as being the ideal choice. Employers also need to provide a compelling reason to encourage engagement, and capture candidates with the right motivations. This is especially important with an increased number of candidates in the active market, which presents opportunities to recruit talent that may otherwise be unavailable which is a positive, however companies need to ensure they are capturing talent who’s motivations align with their own.

Your Story gives Context and Reassurance

There is no ignoring the fact that we live in unprecedented times, with COVID19 pandemic fundamentally changing how we live and work, at least for the foreseeable future. There is a knock-on effect, as people look for stability and confidence in a world of rapid change and uncertainty. This also applies to recruitment, where candidates are putting a higher value on security and stability for their careers but employers shouldn’t get complacent and think this means they no longer want to be challenged or pursue new and exciting opportunties.

The best candidates in your industry historically don’t move too often, are usually well looking after, and are reluctant to do so. With the rapidly changing work environment forcing employees in every sector to revaluate their situations there are still opportunities to attract the right people, if your business offers a compelling story. While also being able to demonstrate that recruiting in these times is a sign of confidence in business strategy, stability and viability.

The way to accomplish that is through your own story. To build a narrative about the organisation that encourages potential candidates by setting out the benefits of working with you. Explain why now is the time to join your team, your business goals and plans for the future. These things can give context for the current situation and confidence in the future. While some organisations appear to be paralysed by the current conditions, by being proactive you are able to build confidence in your value as an employer for today and moving forward.

Recruiters can Craft Your Story

The challenge with this approach is understanding your position in the market, how your brand is perceived, and how to tell the right story to bring in the candidates you need. Because recruiters are a third party in the process, you can enjoy an objective look at your business and brand, the strengths and weaknesses, identifying the best approach to presenting both individual employment opportunities as well as the brand and organisation itself. From the salary and benefits package to the specific recruitment opportunity, a recruiter provides the unbiased, objective view that allows an effective story to be crafted, boosting recruitment performance in this crucial time.

In the current market we are also seeing an increase in the number of applications in most professions, this can be a postive but also a negative as studies have shown when choices increase, so does the effort required to collect information and make good decisions. By telling a clear and compelling story it also makes it easier to cut through the volume of applications and connect with those that have motivations and values that align with the opportunity. A skilled recruiter is able to cut through the noise and present a refined shortlist and guide you through the process, challenging your thinking along the way and supporting you to find the best outcome in the shortest timeframe.

Speak to a recruiter, ideally one who understands your industry, is willing to invest the time to understand your business and find out what they would do differently to turn your recruitment headache into an opportunity while also freeing you up to get on with your day job.

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