Will your social media profiles help you land the job?

Oct 2, 2020 | Recruitment Process

The Importance of Social Media Profiles in Recruitment

The digital world has blurred the lines between professional and personal lives, and they are now an important part of the recruitment process. Whether we agree with it or not, social media profiles are public information that give insight into who an individual is, their thoughts and opinions, attitudes and outlook.

For those that have grown up with social media, that can mean a record of youthful inhibition is there for all to see, but importantly, it is your current profile, especially LinkedIn as a professional environment, that can have an impact on a recruiter’s opinion of any individual. However, there are some things you can do to make the most of your social profiles to help you get that engineering or heavy industry job you’ve been looking for.

Keep Everything up to date

This one is really important for LinkedIn, as your profile here is an extension of your resume, so make sure it matches whatever you have on your CV. It can be easy to forget to update it for new qualifications or experience, but a mismatch with what you submit during recruitment can raise questions.

Some recruitment professionals or hiring managers may raise questions regarding incomplete profiles or individuals who are difficult to find information about which could result in being passed over for positions. Having an update to date online presence matters.

Get Personal

LinkedIn is a great tool, even if you are not using Linkedin to apply for a role, you can hazard a guess that the recruiter or hiring manager will have a look at your profile. It’s important to put your experience and qualifications in an easily visible layout, but you need more than the basics. Modern recruitment in engineering and heavy industry is about finding the right personality as much as it is about the technical qualifications. Teams that work well together are more productive, so recruiters want to know you are a good fit with their existing team and overall culture.

Include your achievements and interests outside of the work environment in your LinkedIn profile, letting the recruitment team see who you are as well as what you can do. This aspect also applies to other social media profiles too, although they are much more likely to already be focused on your personal life and may not need much in additional information.

Get the Right Look

Instead of an awkward selfie or your latest fishing exploits, get a professional headshot for your social media profiles that are being used for professional purposes. Remember, the profile picture is how you make your first impression in the digital world, so look smart and engaged, and the rest will follow.

Keep Everything Professional

For LinkedIn, this is a given for most of us, but think about your other social media profiles too. If you are starting to look for a new job and know recruitment professionals will be checking you out, it is worth taking the time to audit all your social media profiles and remove anything that many not be employer friendly before you begin. This is especially important for those that have grown up with social media, think about what you were posting in your teenage years, any unsuitable photos and more. You don’t have to censor who you are, just create an employer friendly version.

Join industry related groups

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or more, joining relevant groups for your career can prove beneficial. Not only can you find excellent advice in many, but from a recruitment perspective, it shows someone committed to your career.

Of course, you may also be a member of other groups related to your hobbies and interests, politics and just silly groups you joined for fun. While it would look very odd to have no interests outside of your career at all, while you are going through the recruitment process, minimize the number of these additional groups and avoid any that could be controversial or would be seen as employment unfriendly.

Connect with Others in Your Field

Social media is great for connecting with others, from old school friends to your favourite author. However, for recruitment, making connections with others in engineering, heavy industry or whatever your field is not only looks good to the recruitment professionals, but can help you with valuable information to advance your career.


The digital world is not a separate place, and recruitment specialists and hiring managers will look at your social media, not just LinkedIn, but others too. Make sure that you create an employer friendly look and keep everything up to date,

With good management of your online profile and other social media accounts, your social footprint can be a boost to your career prospects, not a hindrance.

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